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Hand Massage

The Recovery Club

Treat your body to some TLC! Its the only one we'll ever have! Whether you are a regular exerciser, postnatal, have a desk job or a manual worker, this package is for you! Treat your body to a monthly massage along with 10% off any physiotherapy services, exclusive news, offers and advice AND a free goodie back with products to help improve your recovery. There's no start up or cancellation fees, and there's no contract, so you can stop whenever you like! If you don't redeem your massage one month, then the credit rolls over for you to use at another time, or to gift to a loved one!

But hurry! There is only a limited number of memberships available. We have split them up into evening and daytime appointments to ensure that we have the space available in our diaries to cater for everyone's needs. 

Massage membership options

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What Our Clients Say

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I have been struggling with post injury problems since 2014. As well as struggling with bad neck, shoulders and back, I also had a trapped nerve causing excruciating pain.
I found Emily on google, the same day she saw me and seriously reduced the amount of pain I was in. Emily has now planned a recovery plan with myself, building the strength in my neck and back.

I could not be happier! Emily was very professional, made me feel relaxed, even though I was a blubbering mess.

Thank you so much Emily!

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