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The Mummy MOT

We are proud to offer The Mummy MOT - the postnatal check you deserve!

Growing and birthing a baby is a big task for your body! The Mummy MOT is a full hour just for mums to go through all concerns, ask any questions and have a thorough body assessment. You'll finish the session with a report of findings, an individualised rehab programme and multiple resources to support your recovery. At Emily the Physio we also offer The Mummy MOT as part of our 'The Motherhood Journey' Package, which gives you support throughout your first year after giving birth. 

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What types of problems can The Mummy MOT assess and help me with?

We can help with anything pregnancy or birth related. Some examples are:

- Back pains

- Bladder control concerns

- Caesarean/episiotomy scar

- Intimacy worries

- Prolapse concerns

- Tummy gap/Diastasis

The list goes on!

What is involved in the assessment?

At the beginning of every assessment we always have a discussion so we can learn more about you and your concerns. We then have a look at your standing and lying to see how your body is functioning after having a baby.

Depending upon the concerns you have will depend on the rest of the assessment. We may assess your caesarean scar like in the video above. We are also fully insured and skilled to provide an internal vaginal examination where we can check for prolapse symptoms, pelvic floor strength/tone and multiple other concerns. However this is not mandatory and there are other ways we can assess the pelvic floor externally. 

We finish the sessions going through your report of findings along with your individualised rehab programme. 

For some mums this is all they need, for others we may have follow up sessions. 

Who does the Assessment?

At Emily the Physio, it is Emily who provides the assessment. She has completed the practitioner training and is fully insured and experienced to complete a thorough assessment and create a programme towards your goals. 

Are they suitable for anyone?

Yes! It doesn't matter how your baby came into this world or how long ago that was, your body will forever be postnatal, and therefore The Mummy MOT will always be available. 

If you're not sure if its right for you drop us a message!

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What Our Clients Say

Expecting a Sibling


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I have been working with Emily for the last 6 weeks in her beginners Pilates class. Emily is a great teacher who explains step by step what to do. I have certainly improved my techniques and enjoy attending the class every week. I have noticed a difference in my posture and my back pain has improved massively.

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