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The Motherhood Journey

Becoming a mother is a magical moment, but it is also comes with a lot of changes to the body. Looking after your body after baby has arrived is so important to get back to feeling like yourself again quicker and to reduce your risk of any complications. At Emily the Physio we understand that maternity leave can be quite a challenging time for the purse strings too, so we wanted to provide an option that can be bought whilst pregnant, giving you a full YEAR of care whilst on maternity leave without paying a penny more! What's not to love?!

mother and daughter

The Motherhood Journey

1x The Mummy MOT

3x Follow up appointments

1x 12 month Review

1x 30 minute massage

What Our Clients Say

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I have been struggling with post injury problems since 2014. As well as struggling with bad neck, shoulders and back, I also had a trapped nerve causing excruciating pain.
I found Emily on google, the same day she saw me and seriously reduced the amount of pain I was in. Emily has now planned a recovery plan with myself, building the strength in my neck and back.

I could not be happier! Emily was very professional, made me feel relaxed, even though I was a blubbering mess.

Thank you so much Emily!

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