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Our Services

We are proud to provide a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for intensive rehabilitation programmes to a deluxe pregnancy massage, we have an option that will suit you.


Having pain? Stiffness? Loss of function? Have you had an injury or surgery? This is the service for you!

Back Massage
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'The expert of your body is you!'

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You are the centre of all your care here at Emily the Physio.
Our expert team are here to listen, treat and provide comprehensive care for your entire wellbeing. 

Pelvic health

Having bladder or bowel concerns? Having pregnancy pains or recovering from a childbirth injury? Discomfort during intimacy or pain down below? This is the service for you!

Have you had a sudden onset of muscle spasm? Are you recovering from an event or wanting to get the most out of your body during hard training? Want to destress and give yourself some TLC (including during pregnancy). This is the service for you!


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Wellbeing classes

Are you looking to improve your sporting performance? Prevent your back pain from coming back or prepare your mind and body for birth and beyond? Are you looking for classes that make a REAL DIFFERENCE to your body and mind? This is the option for you!

Nutritional support

Are you looking to improve your health? To improve your diet for medical reasons such as diabetes, high blood pressure or IBS? To gain weight management advice from a medical professional rather than random diets? To improve your quality of healing post surgery, injury or childbirth? Supporting yourself and your child during breastfeeding - even if the child has allergies?
This is the service for you!

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SCar treatments

Have you had surgery or an injury that has left you with a scar such as a caesarean? Does it cause discomfort, tightness or altered sensation? Do you want to learn more about how to look after your scar? This is the service for you!


Have yourself or a loved one been diagnosed/affected with a neurological condition such as Parkinsons, a stroke or a spinal chord injury? Do you feel your function is limited and want to improve your mobility. This is the service for you!

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