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Physiotherapy is a conservative treatment option to help with all kinds of injuries and pathologies. It not only looks at the problem area, but looks at the body as a whole. The main aim is to improve your overall function and reduce your symptoms. Here at Emily the Physio, we pride ourselves in using the latest evidence-based treatment options for all our clients. Have a look at our commonly asked questions surrounding physiotherapy.

Can you help back pain?

Yes absolutely! Back pain is a common problem that we help with day in, day out! Whether its a new issue, long standing issue we can help. 

Do you do home visits?

Yes we do! Depending upon our availability and distance from the practice, we can offer physiotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Can you help with whiplash injuries?

Yes we can! There are a variety of treatment options we can do to help calm down your symptoms, improve your movement and get you back to full function!

What treatments do physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists do a wide range of treatments, depending upon the client's needs. This could be soft tissue work, cupping, acupuncture, ultrasound, exercise prescription, joint mobilisations. The list goes on. 

Are you experienced with treating running injuries?

Yes we are! Emily has experience working 4 seasons within football, 2 within Rugby league and treating nationally competing triathletes. We will do a gait analysis and create a rehab programme around your training needs.

If I have had surgery, can you help with my recovery?

Definitely! Please get in touch with us before the appointment to discuss what to bring with you to help us out. You may want to look into our Recovery Club package to help make it cost effective. 

What Our Clients Say

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I have been struggling with post injury problems since 2014. As well as struggling with bad neck, shoulders and back, I also had a trapped nerve causing excruciating pain.
I found Emily on google, the same day she saw me and seriously reduced the amount of pain I was in. Emily has now planned a recovery plan with myself, building the strength in my neck and back.

I could not be happier! Emily was very professional, made me feel relaxed, even though I was a blubbering mess.

Thank you so much Emily!

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