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Welcome to The Wellbeing Hub, where tranquility meets transformation. Nestled in the heart of Augusta Park, Andover, our newly established sanctuary is more than just a space; it's a haven dedicated to your holistic wellness journey.




The Clinic Rooms

We have to two clinic rooms within our practice. Perfectly designed for assessments and hands on treatments such as massage, taking bloods and women's health physiotherapy. 


Our Studio has been designed to hold intimate classes of 8-10 students - ensuring all are getting individualised care and reaching their own goals. With gentle lighting, beautiful aromas and greenery - you should feel calm and centred throughout your classes. 

Gym space

We have designed designated areas to help take your recovery and your health to the next level. With leg press, Olympic weights, treadmill and more - we can offer 1:1 rehab and personal training tailored to your individual needs. 

Emily doing computer work

Where are we?

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