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Wheelchair user in race after physio
Emily Roberts - Physiotherapist

Emily Roberts

Musculoskeletal and Neuro specialist Physiotherapist


BSc Sports Therapy - University of Chichester

MSc Physiotherapy

Working hours

Friday: 4:30pm - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm

A Bit About Emily

I graduated from the university of Chichester with a degree in sports therapy in 2011, from here I worked within numerous football and rugby clubs and worked privately as a sports therapist in a clinic and home visits. I then started working within a multidisciplinary private practice, employed as a sports therapist and also an assistant neurophysiotherapist and it was here that I had my first experience of working with patients with neuro conditions. I loved this work so much I made the decision to retrain and become a physiotherapist. 


I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2017 where I then completed my junior rotations within Lyminton hospital and from here followed my passion for Neurophysiotherapy and worked for a private neuro rehab company. I took all the skills and knowledge I had learnt from neuro specialists back into the NHS where I work as a community physiotherapist treating all areas of physio. I love treating all varieties of conditions with my interest being in rehabilitation and neurological disorders.

Services she offers

See what types of services Emily Roberts offers at our Andover Clinic

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy treats people that are struggling with issues affecting their bones, joints, nerves, muscles etc such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, post fracture or orthopaedic surgery etc.

Brain for neuro physio

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy supports people who would like to improve following a reduction in function from a neurological cause, such as after a stroke, spinal chord injury, Parkinsons, FND etc. 

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