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Massage Services

Massage is a technique that has been used for nearly 4000 years. It helps reduce swelling, improve muscle recovery, reduce muscle fatigue, increase joint flexibility, improve circulation, improve the immune system...the list goes on! Here at Emily the Physio we are able to offer a variety of massage services to meet your needs. 

What massage techniques do you do?

Here at Emily the Physio, we have a variety of options:

- Myofascial release

- Hot stones

- Sports massage

- Deep tissue massage

- Pregnancy massage

Should massages hurt?

Every clinician is different. Here at Emily the Physio we are keen not to give you more pain than you came in with. We believe that there is a balance between having a deep massage and causing pain. When we cause pain we increase the tension in those we would be working against ourselves.

Can I have a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes! All our clinicians are qualified to provide massage to pregnant women. However for safety and insurance purposes we kindly ask women to book massages after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Which massage is right for me?

We assess each client to determine what the best massage option would be for them, depending upon their needs. So you can ensure you are walking away feeling looser, stress free and more comfortable.

Will I get any bruising from my massage?

Whilst the odd 5p piece size bruise may occur, we don't believe clients should develop any bruising from our massage techniques. Bruising is when blood vessels have been damaged, causing blood to move into the surrounding tissues. Our aim here is not to cause damage to any tissues during your appointment. Bruising can be more prevalent depending upon the medication you are taking, so please let us know your full list of medication at the beginning of your appointment.

How often would you recommend a massage?

This is a tricky question to answer, it depends on your training levels and muscle tension. We would recommend that if you have a specific area of discomfort, having regular massages a few days apart will give the best results. If you are using massage as an exercise recovery tool then anything from once a week to every 6 weeks would be fine. Have a chat with your clinician to find out more. 

What Our Clients Say

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I had a deep tissue massage provided by Jenny, and I must say it was the best massage I`ve had in a while! Jenny knows what's she doing and where to press to release the tension. I suffer from lower back pain and tension behind the shoulder blade due to the nature of my work (desk work) this massage was a huge relief. Jenny is also a very kind and warm person and I highly recommend her services. Thanks Jenny xx

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