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Home Visits

At Emily the Physio, we appreciate not everyone is able to get to the clinic. Therefore we are proud to offer a home visit service where we can visit people in their own homes or residential homes.

We also appreciate that home visits do come with an extra cost, so we try to offer affordable options where possible. 

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What types of conditions do you treat for a home visit?

We treat any musculoskeletal condition that we would usually see in clinic such as fractures, post surgery, reduced mobility, arthritis etc. We aren't currently able to help with neurological conditions such as post stroke, Parkinsons, spinal chord injuries etc. However there are some fantastic services locally that can help you with that such as


How far do you travel?

We travel anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the clinic in Andover. Further afield we charge 45p per mile on top of the service charge cost. 



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How much are your services?

We charge:

£85 for an initial physiotherapy assessment (1hour) 

£65 follow up with a physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant (30 mins)

£55 follow up with a physiotherapist (30 mins)

£45 follow up with a physiotherapy assistant (30 mins)

We can offer a physiotherapy assistant to come and see you to help with completing your exercise programme as specified by the physiotherapist. They are unable to alter your programme so follow up from the physiotherapist would be needed at regular intervals to continue to progress your programme. However it is a great way to reduce costs whilst still getting regular professional support with your recovery. 


How do I book in?

To book or discuss the option of a home visit please drop us an email on or by clicking the link below. We will be able to determine if we are able to help and when would be the best time for all of us to pop over and see you or your loved one. 

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