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Pilates Stretches


Pilates is an amazing activity that encourages body awareness, core control and increased mobility. 

At Emily the Physio we provide Pilates classes with a difference! Each class is designed by a specialist physiotherapist to ensure that they are safe, effective and include extra advice, guidance and support. We are now offering 1:1 classes too!

We paused our classes since COVID however we are SO excited to be starting them back again...and they are even better! We are starting with one class at a time, so bare with us if your class isn't available yet to join. 

What pilates classes do you have on offer?

We have 2 classes on offer at the moment with many many more to come when we are in our new premises. 

Our current classes are:

Pilates for Back pain - Wednesday 6:30pm

Pregnancy Pilates - Wednesday 7:15pm

All our classes are currently based at Picket Piece Village Hall. 

How much are your pilates classes?

Our classes are £10 per class. This not only includes the class itself but weekly educational resources, a purpose built community for mums-to-be, 10% off The Mummy MOT and 10% off A Deluxe pregnancy massage!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us! Therefore we have organised a monthly pilates class payment which will pause over the summer holidays and Christmas. Easy to budget for, quicker to join a class instead of waiting for the next block to start and can be cancelled at any time with a click of a button!

Who is teaching the pilates classes?

We are proud to introduce Cara who is running our antenatal pilates classes. She is a highly experienced pilates instructor who previously worked as a physiotherapist specialising in treating pregnant and postnatal women. Check out more information about her by clicking down below!  

Are your pilates classes suitable for anyone?

We'd love to say yes! But in actual fact, there are some occasions where antenatal pilates may not be the best choice. When you join you'll be asked to complete a PARQ to check it is suitable for you. We also recommend starting from 12 weeks and you can go for as long as you want!

What Our Clients Say

Expecting a Sibling


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I have been working with Emily for the last 6 weeks in her beginners Pilates class. Emily is a great teacher who explains step by step what to do. I have certainly improved my techniques and enjoy attending the class every week. I have noticed a difference in my posture and my back pain has improved massively.

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