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Am I at risk of getting pelvic girdle pain?

Pelvic girdle pain is a common symptom to many pregnant and post natal ladies (yes it can also occur after you've had your baby).

There are many different causes of pelvic girdle pain including but not limited to:

- Biomechanics (the way you move)

- Hormones

- Stress/anxiety

- Work load

- Support at home

However research published in August 2020 shows a list that may increase your risk of developing pelvic girdle pain during your next pregnancy.

  1. A history of low back pain

  2. Pre-pregnancy BMI of >25

  3. Pelvic girdle pain in a previous pregnancy

  4. Depression during current pregnancy

  5. Heavy workload during current pregnancy

However all is not lost if you have one or more risk factor above! Remember these risk factors don't say that you WILL get pelvic girdle pain, only that the likelihood is higher than for someone who may not have any risk factors.

Go and see a medical specialist in antenatal/post natal care such as a specialist physiotherapist. They can give you lots of advice and guidance about the best things to do to reduce your risk of developing pelvic girdle pain, and how to manage it if it were to come on. Alternatively have a look at the POGP resources section. They have lots of resources to help get your body ready for pregnancy and reduce your symptoms of pelvic girdle pain.


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