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Transformative Courses

Our intensive courses are designed to hit a pain point HARD! They are for those individuals who are ready to put in some serious effort for just 49 DAYS (6 weeks) to notice BIG improvements to their concern. Every course contains an initial assessment, twice weekly group sessions, activities to complete at home, weekly educational emails and a final assessment. These courses are not for the faint hearted but the intensity is purposeful to get that initial push in the right direction. 

Yoga on the Beach

back pain be gone

This intensive programme is designed for clients who have had long standing back pain. Back pain affects so many facets of our life - and is affected by so many facets of our life too! The reason why a lot of treatments don't work long term for back pain is that they only focus on one area - not looking at the whole person. This intensive course will do just that! By the end of the course you should be feeling better in yourself plus empowered to manage any slight step backs you get in the future. 

Fitness Class

pelvic empowerment

Are you sick and tired of bladder leakage? Of not being able to go out without the worry of an unexpected sneeze or cough? Of not being able to participate in activity or exercise you'd like to because of bladder worries? Well enough is enough! This intensive course is like no other. You shall have an assessment, twice weekly group classes, a loaned pelvic floor biofeedback machine to carry on your pelvic floor work at home so no need to buy your own, and a final assessment. Lets get on top of this problem once and for all!

Expecting a Sibling


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I went to see Emily because I was in agony with sore hips during my third trimester. She was an absolute miracle worker and sorted them out so I could actually get some sleep! She also sorted out a host of other pregnancy ailments I had!

I cannot recommend Emily highly enough! She certainly knows her stuff, both ante and postnatal, and is also really lovely! It was very comforting knowing that she knew exactly what she was doing! I wish I had known about her during my first pregnancy

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