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The Andover Clinic

We are fortunate enough to have our own space at The Chiros Clinic in the centre of Andover. It is inviting, professional and easily accessible for people with mobility problems.

Emily treating a client

The Clinic Rooms

We have access to two clinic rooms within the practice. Our main hub is in the pent house and our other room is located on the ground floor, perfect for anyone with mobility concerns. If you would like to go to the clinic room on the ground floor, please book on a Monday or Friday. 


We have disabled parking at the back of the clinic 24/7 and standard parking at the back of the clinic after 6:30pm. 

There is street parking outside the front of the clinic as well as a huge car park opposite the Clinic called 'The Black Swan Yard Cark Park'. If you'd like any further details about accessing the clinic please feel free to get in contact!

Emily doing computer work

Where are we?

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